Cobray Leinad Derringer 45LC 410 Shotgun at Texas Gun Blog and CHL Class


Cobray models

  • M-10 (.45 ACP/9mm Parabellum), semi and full auto (146 mm barrel/127 mm barrel)
  • M-11 (.380 ACP), semi and full auto (127 mm barrel)
  • M-11/9 (9mm Parabellum), semi and full auto (127 mm barrel)
  • M-12 (.380 ACP), semi-auto only
  • Pocket Pal .22 Long Rifle/.380 ACP, dual-barrel, switch-cylinder, top-break revolver
  • Terminator, slam fire, single-shot shotgun in 12 and 20-gauges
  • M11-A1 .380 ACP, an open bolt version of the MAC 11.
  • Streetsweeper, A clone of the Armsel Striker. It featured limited parts commonality to the original weapons system.
  • Ladies Home Companion, A reduced caliber version of the Streetsweeper in .410 gauge.
  • Cobray/FMJ ducktown model OU, a .22/.45-.410 Over-under Derringer.

Legal issues

A 357 Magnum pistol.

After some legal troubles, the company changed its name to Leinad (Daniel spelled backwards) and produced at least four new models which were designed to conform with the ban on assault weapons that was then in effect.

Leinad models

  • PM-11/9 (9 mm)
  • PM-12 (.380 ACP)
  • DBD38357 (.357 Magnum/.38 Special)-Double Barrel (Pictured right)
  • DBD41045 (.45 Long Colt/.410 bore)-Double Barrel
  • 6 shot (manual rotation) .22 LR derringer
  • Model MR– 5 shot manual rotation .45 Long Colt/.410 bore Pepper-box revolver derringer

Closure of company

The owners of Leinad chose to shut down the company because of the changes in the gun laws and the divorce of company founders Wayne and Sylvia Daniels. The Cobray Trademark is registered to a privately owned company in the US. They continue to manufacture parts and accessories for the firearms as well.

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