Smith and Wesson Mountain Gun Model 25-13 25 45 Long Colt

Smith & Wesson’s Mountain Gun series of revolvers has been one of their most popular with those shooters and hunters who pack a handgun into the wilderness. The Mountain Gun is also in demand among those who choose to carry a concealed handgun for social purposes, and prefer a sixgun over an autoloader.

The legendary gun writer John Taffin once stated about the .45 Colt cartridge: “There is an old Indian legend that says when all else is gone, still will remain the coyote. I would expand upon that and say still will remain the coyote and the .45 Colt. No other sixgun cartridge has ever been pronounced dead so many times. No other sixgun cartridge has so many devoted followers.”

The .45 Colt Mountain Gun provides the hunter, backpacker, hiker, or camper with a light, handy, and easily packable sixgun that has plenty of power for most any situation.

This example is in excellent condition, and would be an excellent addition to any serious gun collection.

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